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No, ExplodingCunts.com doesn’t feature gory photo sets of Islamist suicide bombers from Iraq and elsewhere. The site’s name is simply a vivid metaphor for female ejaculation, known colloquially as "squirting" or "gushing", depending who you ask. Yes, it’s true, women can ejaculate, too! And the videos available at ExplodingCunts.com provide ample evidence of that. Still, female ejaculation remains something of a mystery, with some sexuality experts refusing to admit it even exists.

It sure is hard to deny the gallons of fluid spasming from the wide variety of vaginas featured at ExplodingCunts.com, though. Where does this mystery juice come from? Some say the urethra, while others claim it’s generated by something called the “Skene’s glands”. Still others think it’s nothing but piss. But if it’s piss, it’s the clearest, cleanest looking piss I’ve ever seen. According to some women – squirters all – the ejaculate is produced somewhere deep inside the vagina.

One thing most people agree on, however, is that female ejaculation is most easily brought on by stimulation of the so-called G-spot. That’s a dime-sized portion of the upper vaginal wall, first discovered by the good Doctor Grafenberg, which causes earth-shattering orgasms in women lucky enough to find it. That includes the models on this site, many of whom are under exclusive contract with ExplodingCunts.com. These girls use any and all means necessary to stimulate themselves to squirt and gush and cream their way to ecstacy for the cameras. They (and others) rub their clits from the inside and out, get licked and fucked and pussy-sucked until – as Robert Plant once said of himself – the juice runs down their legs. Or, it can flow out of them like a gushing torrent, reminiscent of nothing so much as a New Orleans levee pump. The results are frequently nothing less than spectacular.

It’s actually kind of inspiring to see what these girls are willing to do in the name of scientific advancement. They’re doing their darnedest to help show people the reality behind the fetish-dream of liquid-squirting ladies. ExplodingCunts.com features a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content. The video section is divided into different niches, from hardcore to anal to oral to bisexual to gang-bangs, but they all feature female ejaculation in some way, shape or form. The videos are downloadable as well as streaming, and are cut up into easy-to-manage chunks for ease of use.

The photo galleries cover pretty much the entire gushing cunt universe, from pulsating pussies to fire-hose fur-burgers. The photo quality varies from set to set, but it’s generally good, crisp photography, presented in high resolution. You also get lots of bonus materials. Nearly two dozen other categories are offered, free of charge, with your subscription.

I give ExplodingCunts.com Five Sopping Wet Fingers Up!