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Niche: FEMALE EJACULATION is the premiere video-oriented site for hardcore fans of explicit female ejaculation material. But what is female ejaculation, exactly? How does it happen? Where does all that fluid come from? A bit of scientific grounding is perhaps in order, here.

While still relatively mysterious, female ejaculation is now pretty unanimously understood to originate with the glands surrounding the female urethra, which are variously known as the paraurethral glands, periurethral glands, Skene's glands, "female prostate", or urethral sponge. These are the spongy tissues associated with the Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot. The actual gushing happens when fluid from the paraurethral glands (and maybe a little bit of urine from the bladder) is forcefully expelled from the vagina during the sudden reduction in size due to muscle contractions that occur during devestatingly powerful G-spot orgasms.

Strange thing about the clitoris… it’s made of exactly the same biological materials as the penis. And, just like the penis, it becomes swollen with blood and erect during arousal, eventually reaching orgasm. Women also have a prostate gland of sorts… it’s called the urethral sponge, and serves the same function in regards to female ejaculation. It encircles the urethra and contains up to 30 glands that swell with rising sexual excitement. The fluid that is created during sexual arousal in these glands is an alkaline liquid similar to male prostatic fluid. It is this fluid that makes up female ejaculate. Take notes because there will be a quiz when we’re done here. features an extensive mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content featuring girls that might not understand the science, but they do know how to get themselves off. The cameras get real up close and personal, giving much of the content here an almost clinical, ObGyn kind of feeling. The models are so pretty though, it’s almost a shame that so much time is spent on their privates… HA!!! Almost fooled you there, didn’t I?

The photo galleries and extensive video section feature many solo girl scenes, as well as a few more lesbian scenes than is the usual for a straight-oriented porn site, which I guess tells you something about how women can make their pussies gush a lot more easily than we men can do it for them. There’s still a solid mix of hardcore styles to be found here, so no worries there. The videos are downloadable in short clips in Windows Media format, with another section featuring exclusive content in Mov format. This being a Guerilla site, you get lots of freebies when you subscribe, including free unlimited memberships to a huge number of porn sites and video feeds in a variety of other gentres and niches.

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