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Q: What is a Squirting orgasm?

A: A Squirting orgasm occurs when a female reaches the ultimate level of a sexual climax. Although rare, some women experience a rush of fluid during an intense sexual climax. This fluid is different than regular white, milky cum, which is also discharged during sexual arousal and orgasm. The squirt fluid accumulates around internal female parts and is only released during extreme orgasm.

Q: Is it really ejaculation, or is it pee?

A: Actually, I can NOT physically urinate when I am cumming! Therefore, it is a genuine "Squirting" ejaculation.

Q: Do all women experience a "Squirting" orgasm?

A: Although I understand only a small percentage of women have mastered this rare talent, I believe some can learn with practice. Many women suppress a squirting orgasm because they don't think their partner will react well. Many people don't know about or understand this talent! Once a woman experiences the unbelievable feeling of the "internal rush" of these juices, and a man experiences the extreme sensuality of participating and witnessing a woman reach this goal...Both will want to "do it" all day long --- It is truly the Ultimate Female Climax!

Q: Can I teach my girlfriend/wife how to do this?

A: In order to "Squirt" a woman must learn to "listen to her body" and know when to react. Men play an important role because a woman must be exceptionally aroused for these liquids to be released.

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My Wife Can't Squirt

Never be disappointed if your girlfriend/wife fails to squirt, you can always watch me! I will be performing "Live How-To Segments" for you and your woman. After watching my series and by using my techniques, I have been told by women they do experience more intense orgasms or actually do Squirt.
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Learning to Squirt!

Q: Do you go into detail with written recommendations and describe your techniques?

A: I go into great detail with suggestions and explain my techniques and what can be done to "set the mood." I find each woman or relationship is at a different stage of being able to achieve this goal. Different factors include: sexual arousal, learning how to control your body during climax and what sexual methods or stimulants are being performed or used?

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