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No, the models on SquirtingBeavers.com are not Canadian, but they will make you think of the Great Lakes and Niagara Falls! SquirtingBeavers.com bills itself as the home of the “three foot orgasm”, in which pussy juices are ejaculated at least a full yard out of their models’ twats… after copious amounts of foreplay, oral and manual stimulation, and occasional full-on fucking, of course. If you enjoy ogling messy wet slits up close and personal – especially when they’re gushing mysterious liquids all over the place – then SquirtingBeavers.com is the website for you, because when it comes to peristaltic fluids, these beavers are positively bulimic! Binge and purge, baby! If the models in these videos were preggo, you’d swear their water just broke.

SquirtingBeavers.com features an extensive video and photography collection, including a good mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content. The videos are downloadable and of pretty good quality, available in realmedia, windowsmedia and mov file formats. There are a number of full-length, female ejaculation movies here, chopped into smaller DVD quality segments for easy downloading and uninterrupted streaming, depending on your preference. The photo sets cover the gamut of the juicy pussy genre, from sopping wet twats to full-on gushing cunt shots. When all that liquid is caught on camera in mid-air, it almost looks like the models’ vaginas have suddenly sprouted these beautiful, intricate glass sculptures… kind of like those pictures you occasionally find of frat brats in mid-vomit. Ah, the wonders of the still image!

But the fun at SquirtingBeavers.com doesn’t begin and end with vaginal contractions heaving huge amounts of liquid into the willing, upturned faces of gash-happy rug-munchers. No siree Bob! The producers of SquirtingBeavers.com understand that sometimes, even if you’re a big fan of squirting beavers, you need to see a little something else. Variety is the spice of life, or so they say, so SquirtingBeavers.com generously provides subscribers with a huge amount of content dealing with everything from hardcore fucking to oral delectation to anal devastation to lesbian love. But don’t go thinking that means SquirtingBeavers.com is padded out because of a lack of squirting pussy content. There’s tons of that to be found. It’s just a really full-packed site is all, with lots of free bonus materials covering every niche and fetish imaginable.

Because it’s got something for everyone, I give SquirtingBeavers.com my highest rating… Five Fingers Up!